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PTCL V Connect Internet Settings Comments

Click “Create a new network connection”
The system will pop up interface [New connection wizard], click “Next”
Select “Connect to the Internet” and click “Next”
Select “Set up my connection manually” and click “Next”
Select “Connect using a dial-up modem” and click “Next”
System will pop-up [Connection name], enter name “V PTCL” and click “Next”
The system will pop-up [phone number to dial], enter #777 and click “Next”
Enter “User Name” and “Password” and click “Next”
a. User Name = vwireless@ptcl.com small letters
b. Password = ptcl
Click “Add a short cut to this connection to my desktop” and click “Finish”
In “Connect V PTCL” window double click “Properties” and check that installed modem is “standard 33600 bps modem”
Double click “configure” and check that the “Maximum Speed [bps]” is 115200 bps
Start Connection
Double click the short cut on desktop or go to START, CONNECT TO, and SHOW ALL CONNECTIONS, double click V PTCL
Once you get connected, status of your connection, V PTCL displays connection.


Troubleshooting “Connect Using a dial-up Modem” disabled problem:

While setting dial-up modem connection, if your option is disabled as shown in the following screen shot


Please see “Services” and check “Remote Access Connection Manager” – whether it is disabled or not. If so, enable it to make that option working again.


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